Dual Grooming Brush for Dogs Cats



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Dogs Grooming Brush Size Free Shpping
Cats Grooming Brush Size Free Shpping

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      Material: ABSDimensions: L, M, S

      S : 1.75 inch Width:46mm Weight :0.22kg Size : 16*5.5

      M : 2.65 inch Width:66mm Weight :0.2kg Size :16*7.7

      L : 4 inch Width:100mm Weight:0.26kg Size : 17*11


      1. According to the characteristics of cats and dogs skin to design, which will not scratch the skin, can promote blood circulation, enhance skin resistance and relieve fatigue.

      2.Effectively remove floating hair and dirt, comb out fleas, prevent hair tangling and then using hair dryer can easily give pet grooming at home.

      3. Easy to clean, save time and effort

      Product Details

      Product Details

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