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Multi-functional Rotary Tool Kit Variable Speed for Around-the-House and Crafting Projects

 Multi-functional Rotary Tool Kit Variable Speed for Around-the-House and Crafting Projects

Rotary Tool Kit Variable Speed with Flex shaft, 80 Accessories, and 4 Attachments and Carrying Case, Multi-functional for Around-the-House and Crafting Projects

  • 🎁A special gift for a summer hobby🎁
  • 🔨 4 Attachments Support: : In this rotary tool kit we have a Flex shaft improves the product flexibility, and makes your precise project more comfortable and relaxing; Shield provides perfect protection when you conduct cutting and grinding work; the Detailer grip allows you focus on your precise carving, grinding and engraving and gives more stability; the Cutting guide is suitable for different depth cutting, and keeps good perspective and stability.
  • 🔨 Multipurpose Accessories: 80 accessories covers various application ranging from cutting, engraving, drilling, sanding, polishing and even grooming pets’ nails. And there are more applications and projects waiting for you to discover.
  • 🔨 Excellent Performance: The high-performance rotary tool has a powerful motor providing strong rotational power with lower noise making. 6 levels speed shift ranging from 10,000 rpm to 32,000 rpm makes your DIY project easily conduct.
  • 🔨 Comfortable operation: The product is lightweight and convenient. Ergonomic design with overmold allows long-time working to be more relaxing and cozy.
  • 🔨 Friendly Customer Service and Support: You will get a Rotary Tool; Knit Box; Accessory Case; 80 Accessories; 4 Attachments (Cutting Guide, Detailer Grip, Flex Shaft); User Manual.

Multi-functional Rotary Tool Kit



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The sanding bands and sanding discs help your manual crafts to become more smooth and to remove the rough surfaces more effectively. Some difficult surfaces like steel rust, paint, and rough boards are becoming removable when you fit the sanding accessories.

Easy to cut plastic, steel, shell and aluminum brass, etc. The fiberglass cut off wheels are more durable and make the materials’ cut smooth and accurate. Laying floor, decorating cobblestones, or installing pipes are the basic projects that you can operate.

It is perfect to use drilling/cutting bits with cutting guide when you want to drill or cut wood. The different sizes of drilling bits and special cutting bits allow you easily work on wood and more safely with cutting guides.

With felt wheels, you can easily clean some fragile and transparent materials or remove dirt from the surface, like your colorful porcelains and even valuable jade.

A rotary tool can also help you to remove the rust on some metal surfaces. Use the stainless steel brush to polish the metal efficiently.

Not only can it use on removing rust and polishing metal, but the grinding wheel can also make your DIY work more perfect.

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