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Safety Face Shield for Men and Women

 Safety Face Shield for Men and Women

Lightweight and durable, with an Adjustable Headband, this Protective Safety Mask comes with 2 Reusable PC Visors

High-quality, transparent splash protection face shield that provides full-face protection and keeps dust particles, spitting, sprays, and other unwanted things away from your eyes, mouth, and nose.

Designed to snuggly fit men and women thanks to the adjustable padded headband that comfortably fits heads of all sizes. Comfortable anti-slip forehead padding and strong and durable metal hinges make your faceshield comfy to wear through different activities. And there’s plenty of room to wear your prescription glasses or PPE like safety glasses underneath.

Reusable and easy to clean. Simply use a soft cloth to wipe your face shield down with soap and water or disinfect it with diluted alcohol. After that, it’s ready to use again.

Protect your whole face with these 2-pack clear face covers. Get a visor to use now, and one for later. Use your face shield in the lab or while working with hazardous materials. This face shield is also great for healthcare professionals like dental hygienists, cosmeticians, or spraying your yard.

P.S. To make sure your face shield arrives in a great condition, the visors are protected with a non-permanent film on either side. PEEL THE FILM FROM EITHER SIDE OF THE VISOR before you attach it to the headband, or else everything will look foggy.

How to use a high-quality transparent splash mask to provide comprehensive protection? And prevent dust, splashes, sprays, and other harmful substances from entering the eyes, mouth, and nose.

The face mask can provide your face with due protection and make you feel more comfortable

Ideal for healthcare professionals, dental professionals, beauticians, laboratory work, and anyone who wants to keep splashes and particles away from the face.

The adjustable elastic headband makes it easy to get the right fit. Then, wearing a face mask can keep the liquid particles away from the eyes, nose and mouth. Use it in the laboratory or during dental work to prevent splashes on the face.

The protective cover is made of thin plastic, designed to make people feel light and comfortable. It can protect your face and eyes without being like a lot of obstacles.

Reusable and easy to clean

You can use your face shield again and again when you take good care of it. Simply wash the visor with soap and water, using a soft cloth. Or you can disinfect it with diluted alcohol.

Just be careful when you clean around the metal hinges - avoid using water or abrasive liquids or disinfectants near them. This will keep the hinges nice and corrosion-free.

Sturdy, adjustable and comfortable

The adjustable band makes it easy to get the fit just right. It’s designed to fit men, women and even kids. The forehead padding keeps you comfortable, even when you wear your shield for a few hours.

The durable metal hinges make your shield last so you can keep using it whenever you need it.

Designed to arrive in top-notch condition

To keep it light and comfortable, this face shield is made up of thin plastic. And to make sure your shield arrives in great condition, the visors are protected with a strong film on either side.

Make sure you peel the film from either side of the visor before you attach it to the headband, or else everything will look foggy.


Looflar Anti-Fog Adjustable Full Face Shield with Clear Film Elastic Band and Comfort Sponge (5 PACKS) 

  5 Pack Kids Face Shield, BLScode Face Protection Shields for Child, Clear Face Shield Visor with Elastic Band for Face Covering

 High Quality Material - PET + sponge material. Plastic covering offers a full-face guard against dust, droplets. Reusable - Clean your child's face protector with wipes after every use and prior to reusing. Comfortable to Wear - Soft breathable padding along the headband for extended comfortable wear. Adjustable elastic strap and flexible clear plastic covering allows for the perfect fit. Covering - Plastic covering offers a full-face guard against dust, droplets, and other materials 100% Satisfaction - If for any reason you are unhappy with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

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