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DIY keychains Ideas 2021-Tophatter.shop

How to make keychains with wire wrapped?

How to make keychains with wire wrapped?

That's a good choice as a surprise gift. not rust, not faded, Key buckle is handmade.
Hook it on your pants waist belt or bags, great for holding your keys, nail clippers, folding scissors and other small pendant.

This is a 100% hand-made keychain. Learning for this craft not only earns money but also enriches your spare time. The shape of the product can be changed according to its own creativity, and each model can be unique. These products can be sold on Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other online platforms. And share the production process of products to their fans in social circles, and sell them as "specialties" in tourist attractions, and even apply for the license and logo as a gift sale. In a word, this is a magic keychain. We will often share the production process of the new model, and provide professional technical teaching videos and tools for reference. Welcome, join us.

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